Rennes School of Business

Being bilingual and also a part-time teacher myself, I felt particularly well-suited, when commissioned to carry out a 2 day reportage shoot at the international Rennes School of Business, in spring of this year.

The brief was to create a series of pictures that reflected the multicultural flavour of the campus, while also projecting a modern and dynamic image, in keeping with the school’s ambitions of being recognised, not only in France, but also on a global scale, as a major institution of business and management learning.

I really enjoyed the project, a mixture of seizing certain spontaneous moments in true reportage fashion, and setting up other mini-situations where students were encouraged to interact. Hopefully the two blend seamlessly together, to create natural-looking images, and achieve the desired overall result; namely adding to the attractiveness of the School. Appealing to students not only in respect of the high quality teaching programme offered, but also showing that Rennes is a fun, and socially enriching place to be part of.


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