A new creative and dynamic image for informatique Banque Populaire

These last 12 months, I’ve had the pleasure of working for the computer programming structure within Banque Populaire (iBP), creating a set of images for their new dedicated photo library. This project being part of a wider company overhaul of branding and communication strategy.

My brief involved covering not only the formal events of the year, but also capturing real-life work situations throughout their various sites. Whether dealing with management meetings, team-building projects, mobile technology development or security awareness programmes, my overriding objective was to project an image of the company as being a dynamic and friendly place to work. Fed up with having to make do with impersonal, overly posed-type shots, typical of stock images bought online, the communication department was keen to use more spontaneous pictures of their own actual staff engaged in a diverse range of business activities. In this way they aimed to attract new young talent to their ranks.

I was privileged to have been commissioned by a generous and helpful team that allowed me a lot of freedom in the way I worked, encouraging my artistic and creative impulses. Travelling across the four corners of the country, in Nantes, Dijon, Paris or Toulouse, I enjoyed coming into contact with a wide range of people, all highly-skilled in their specific domain of professional expertise while also fun and easy-going to photograph.

 Tim demonstrated his skill in expressing in images the essence of our business activity, finding original perspectives to highlight the sense of collaboration among the various teams that make up informatique Banque Populaire. We were delighted with the way he captured the interactions of staff though their expressions and gestures of everyday working practice. We also appreciated his abilty to adapt to different situations and the ease with which immersed himself in the environment of each individual site. Tim fully responded to the requirements of the brief and delivered much more besides !”  Cécile Joret, communications manager.



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