Vertou – The Design of a Town

I was commissioned by my home town of Vertou to capture in an artistic way the diversity of this commune set on the outskirts of Nantes, showing how increasing urbanisation had modified the landscape without undermining the natural heritage and quality of life, enjoyed by its 20,000 inhabitants.

I sought out juxtapositions of old and new, contrasting colours and original angles in order to represent the multifaceted identity of Vertou- from the traditional winegrowing areas to the modern constructions and transport infrastructures.

The project culminated in a selection of 34 images being exhibited in the open air in front of the central library, enticing local residents to discover anew the rich visual make-up of their town.

The images were also published in a book “Le Dessein d’une Ville”, retracing the last 50 years’ evolution of Vertou’s history.

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